Emergency Support to Haiti

In response to the disaster in Haiti, the IPNA in collaboration with the ASPN and ASN, is requesting our communities’ support in establishing a network of centers and resources to provide needed services to the victims. The IPNA efforts thus far include a commitment of $15,000 towards the relief effort and facilitation of a data base of institutions, contact information and resources to assist in either receiving patients for care and/or your availability and members of your team to travel to a designated medical facility to provide pediatric nephrology services.

Thank you for your support and vision for a better Haiti

The information we will need includes the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Hospital name and location
  3. Your email
  4. Your office phone
  5. Your after hours phone (e.g. cell phone)
  6. Number of kids you could take
  7. Are you interested and able to go to Haiti (this most likely will not occur)?

If this goes forward I will share with you my knowledge from the issues that arose 15 years ago from this issue of communication, support of these families, perhaps immigrations issues that arose, etc.

Please contact Tim at Timothy.Bunchman@devoschildrens.org

Timothy E Bunchman
Professor & Director Pediatric Nephrology & Transplantation
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
221 Michigan St NE
Suite 406
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Office Tel 616-391-3788/866-989-7999
Office Fax 616-391-7930
Beeper 616-479-3431
Cell 616-822-1646
look at www.pcrrt.com for information on pediatric critical care nephrology

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