IPNA is excited to introduce a Sister Centre program to commence in 2018!

Program Aim

Linking developing pediatric renal units in less well resourced regions (EMERGING CENTRE) to experienced pediatric renal units in well resourced regions (SUPPORTING CENTRE) on a 1 to 1 basis.

Assist in improving:

  • Clinical training of staff (medical, nursing and allied health staff) involved in caring for children with kidney disease
  • Developing and upgrading services for children and adolescents with kidney diseases
  • Education of the community regarding disease awareness and preventative strategies
  • Clinical research development

NB Educational Grant and not a Service grant - i.e. not to buy medication and equipment.


  • Priority to Host centres from Emerging Countries to be teamed on application with Mentor centre
  • Centres in similar geographic proximity are encouraged
  • Preference to a centre who has a previously trained IPNA fellow
  • Both applicants (EC) and (SC) must be IPNA members

Requirements for paired application

Emerging Centre

Supporting Centre

Name and position of Applicant with CV

Centre - Name and geographic region
Support letter from Hospital CEO

Motivation for application including needs and goals for 2 year commitment Motivation for application - How supoporting centre can support Emerging Centre for 2 year commitment
Financial plan - with breakdown of how money will be spent

Existing hospital facilities including:
- Number of staff
- Number of paediatric beds and any dedicated renal beds
- Hospital facilities including radiology
- Biopsy and histology capacity
- Dialysis availability and type

Describe assistance in terms of:
- Journal subscription or textbooks
- Webinars
- Emails/Whatsapp support

Main Language of communication
Past IPNA fellows  


2-years paired program.

Financial plan

Up to a maximum of USD 2500 for a 2-years period.

  • 2 x airline flights - 1 to EC and 1 to SC (presumption that EC/SC may be able to provide accommodation for duration of visit)
  • USD 500 for educational meetings: teaching courses (may be able to host a IPNA teaching course) or educational material for staff and parents/patients


  • Reviews with assessments of success and challenges of program at 1 year, 2 years and 1 year post completion of program.
  • Keep developing new programs with a 2-year tenure only.


For any Queries, please contact

office [at] ipna-online.org