Member Frequently Asked Questions

Website Questions

  1. How do I login?
    See our Login How-to PDF
  2. How do I access the online journal?
    See our Online Journal Access How-to PDF
  3. What online features are only available to members?
    See our Members Features PDF
  4. How do I access the forum?
    See our Forum Login How-to PDF
  5. How do I edit account details and change my password?
    See our Account Update How-to PDF
  6. How do I reset my password?
    See our Password Reset How-to PDF
  7. I don’t have a password, how do I get one?
    See our Create Password How-to PDF
  8. I love the website, how do I give you my feedback?
    We appreciate all feedback, positive or not.
    To leave your thoughts, please go to our Online Survey

Journal Questions

  1. I’m not receiving the printed journals, who do I contact to fix this?
    If you are experiencing problems receiving your journal, please contact our Membership & Subscription Department. Address your email to Suzanne Conley at
  2. How long after I register or renew does it take for the journal to arrive?
    Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your first issue of Pediatric Nephrology and any back issues to arrive.
  3. What is the journal subscription duration?
    Membership goes from January through December. Depending on which subscription year you choose, you will receive the remaining months issues in the year you select and all back issues from that year.
  4. Why did I receive back issues of the journal?
    Please see the answer above. Membership goes from January through December, thus if you apply in August of 2009 for a 2009 subscription, you will receive all the back issues from 2009 (in this case January through August) with your September issue and the rest of the issues for 2009.

If you have another question or are still experiencing any issues, please feel free to email our webmaster.